Oktoberfest Tour
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Oktoberfest Tour
Oktoberfest Tour

Oktoberfest Tour

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Come and enjoy the largest beer festival in the world

Experience the Oktoberfest like never before with our exclusive tours led by our experienced guide Erwin, a true Oktoberfest insider! 

Have you always been fascinated by the largest beer festival in the world, but don't know where to start? Don't worry, we can help you!

Our guide Erwin has lived in Munich for years and knows the Oktoberfest like the back of his hand. He takes you on a fascinating journey through the rich history, local customs and secrets of the festival. Learn all about how to order the best beer, find your way around the bustling tents and understand why everyone dresses up in traditional clothing.

After an informative tour of approximately 1.5 hours, we will dive into the tent together for an unforgettable afternoon full of fun and festivities. Prepare to make memories that will last a lifetime!

Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience Oktoberfest in an authentic and immersive way. Book your spot today and let Erwin guide you through this legendary event!

This walk is for you if you want to explore the largest beer festival in the world and would like to know how it all works.

  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Price: €180 pp, including 2 liters of beer and lunch.

Please note:This is an on-site tour of Oktoberfest in Munich. You must arrange your trip to Munich and your stay there yourself.

Send a message to the email address and we will contact you.
Duration icon Duration 6h
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Location icon St. Paul's Church in Munich
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What does your Oktoberfest tour look like?
  • We explore Oktoberfest together and Erwin explains to you from A to Z how everything works and what you need to know.
  • Around 12 noon we enter the tent where we have reserved places to enjoy the unique atmosphere and festivities together.


Meeting point

We meet at the entrance of St-Paul's church in Munich.

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What's included?


You will receive two drink vouchers for one liter of beer, so 2 liters of beer in total. However, these can also be used for something else of the same value such as wine or soft drinks. Please note that the drink choices in the tents are very limited. People rely on beer and there are not many alternatives.


You will receive a voucher for half a chicken: the traditional Oktoberfest food. This is just the chicken, without any side dishes. This voucher can also be used for other dishes upon payment of the difference. There is usually a choice of about 20 dishes, including vegetarian, so there is some choice here.