About Taste The City

Are you ready for an exciting guided tour?

The guides of Taste The City, led by Erwin Liekens, invite you for a tasty guided tour through the vibrant streets of Antwerp, Brussels, or the authentic Oktoberfest in Munich.

Get swept up in the past and listen to remarkable stories that cast iconic landmarks in a new light. Depending on the tour you choose, you can sample local beers, traditional regional dishes, local delicacies, or exotic snacks along the way. Sharpen your senses and discover with us what Antwerp, Brussels, and Munich have to offer in terms of culinary delights!

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About Taste The City
About Taste The City
About Taste The City

Erwin Liekens, a true native of Antwerp, is the brain behind Taste The City. Since 2015, as a city guide, he has been sharing his love for culture, beer, and culinary traditions with others. What started as a freelance job has grown into a company that offers unforgettable culinary tours in three fantastic cities.

The Taste The City guides

Standard tours? Not with us. Each tour is packed with surprising flavors and fun anecdotes that bring the history and culture of the city to life. Erwin ensures that every guide on his team is not only passionate about culinary traditions but also capable of conveying in-depth knowledge in an engaging manner. And of course, a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and a good sense of humor are also very important to make the tour unforgettable for our guests.

Taste The City provided us with a 'different' city tour featuring a fantastic guide—what an amazing day!
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Why choose Taste The City?
  • Expertise & Passion: Our guides share their cultural knowledge with enthusiasm and zest.
  • Surprise: Each tour is a journey of discovery with unexpected facts and new flavors.
  • Conviviality: Enjoying together is our priority, because it leads to unforgettable moments and new friendships.
  • Local Partners: We consciously choose to collaborate with local merchants who are personally involved in their business. This way, you enjoy an authentic experience while supporting the local economy.

Are you ready to explore the stories and flavors of Antwerp, Brussels, and Munich? Let Erwin and his team be your guides. Book your Taste The City experience now.

What do previous participants say?

This is an activity you must do when you're in Antwerp. Erwin is the best guide I've ever had on a tour. He has a passion for his work and is a great storyteller. We tasted a lot of beers and visited nice spots in Antwerp that we would never find ourselves. 10/10! Great value for your money.

Wow! What a fun tour this is. Erwin is a fantastic guide. Clear, approachable, and pleasant. In an enthusiastic and informative manner, he tells you about beers and beer culture, but also stops at other places in the city, providing background information. Highly recommended!

I participated in a multicultural tasting tour in Antwerp in October, and I am very satisfied. The tour focused on the less touristy multicultural neighborhoods of the city, providing an alternative and enjoyable perspective on these often forgotten and/or maligned districts. Our guide was very engaging and enthusiastic, without delving into endless details. The history of the city and migration flows were succinctly and clearly described. The snacks themselves were of high quality and delicious. In short, in terms of price and quality, it's definitely recommended!

Erwin is amazing! He's been doing this for a long time, so he has a vast knowledge and is an excellent guide. I highly recommend this tour.

We had the pleasure of taking a beer tour in Brussels with our local guide Erwin, and it was a fantastic experience! Our guide was extremely friendly and had an impressive knowledge of Belgian beer culture. He took us to the best breweries and bars in the city, providing detailed explanations of different beer styles and their history. His passion for beer was contagious and made the tour truly unforgettable. Moreover, he went the extra mile by giving us tips on where to spend our evening and recommending other great bars in the area. We greatly appreciated his additional efforts, making our time in Brussels even more enjoyable. We highly recommend this tour and our guide!