Brussels Beer Tour
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Brussels Beer Tour
Brussels Beer Tour

Brussels Beer Tour

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Discover the best of Belgian beers. During this tour we'll taste six beers in four local, authentic locations. A mix between Belgian classics and Brussels' craft beer.

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Duration icon Duration 3h
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Location icon St-Nicolas church
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We'll taste 6 beers:

  • A Lambic: probably the oldest beer style in the world
  • Geuze: the next step for lambic brewers
  • Kriek: the Belgian brewer's answer to soft drinks
  • A local brussels craft beer
  • A trappist beer, which is also a tripel
  • A belgian strong dark


Meeting point

We meet in front of St-Nicolas church in the Boterstraat

Extra options
Chocolate pairing
€ 4.00 p.p.
We'll serve a matching chocolate with two of the beers